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My Name Is Boel Nilsson

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by nature in all its stunning forms and the many beauties of wildlife inhabiting our planet. After the initial years of watching BBC and National Geographic documentaries as well as reading numerous magazines and books, I convinced my parents that I needed to get out there and see it all with my own eyes. So, in 2008 we traveled to Tanzania during the time of the Great Migration. A few years later the destination instead was India, where we literally came face to face with one of the world’s most magnificent species, a deadly hunter draped in stripes. Another dream come true. The following year we went back to Africa, this time to its most southern parts, for yet another couple of unforgettable weeks.

I am now in my early twenties and my interest hasn’t faded – if anything my devotion has only grown stronger over the years as I have continued to read, listen and learn. During my travels I have had the fortune to meet some incredible people, people who still inspire me in my work every day. Having previously taken courses in environmental sciences and behaviour biology, as well as having worked as a wildlife conservation volunteer at N/a’an ku sê in Namibia, I am now working my way towards a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Gothenburg University.

I have always loved to write, but when I discovered photography it opened a door to a whole new world for me. This website is a way for me to give back to everyone who’s been there for me over the years, as well as a tribute to the extraordinary world we live in. However, perhaps most of all, this website is for me, because it is something I have wanted for a long time: a way to combine my passion for wildlife and nature photography, writing, research and conservation.

Tiny Lizard, South Africa 2011

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