February 2017


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Sunday Sunday today (even though the weather could have fooled you). It started to snow on Thursday morning, continued all day, and by nightfall everything was covered in a beautiful layer of white. I regret that I didn’t take the chance to go outside properly yesterday when the sky was clear and the sun was out (filling up the bird feeder doesn’t really count). I should have taken my camera with me and postponed [...]

Songs for January

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Songs for January January came and went. It’s not that Christmas feels like yesterday, not at all, but this last month just… passed by. I can’t help but feeling that we never got any real winter here at home. I remember last year, when the streets were covered in a thick layer of twinkling white snow one morning when I woke – but not this year. A few days ago we got the results [...]

January 2017

Exam Week, Edinburgh & People Leaving

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Exam Week, Edinburgh & People Leaving This week has been a busy one for me. Back to university Monday morning was… well, it was great to see everyone again, but getting out of bed was a bit hard. Then late night meeting with the FFG board, trying to get a step ahead and plan our activities for the rest of the year. That was fun too (plus we had the most delicious soup!). When [...]

Då Som Nu För Alltid

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Då som nu för alltid Det finns dagar då man bara känner sig tom. Dagar som passerar utan att man förstår vart de tog vägen eller bryr sig överhuvudtaget. Dagar som gått som man aldrig någonsin kan få tillbaka.   Det liknar någonting alla känt nån gång   Det här är svårt. Oerhört och oförklarligt svårt. Jag har försökt och försökt och försökt, men orden vill inte komma. Vet jag inte hur jag känner? [...]

December 2016

Remembering 2016

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Remembering 2016 Tomorrow this year will be over. It has been a fantastic year in so many ways and, if I am to be completely honest, I believe that it has been the best year of my life. Maybe those words don’t carry so much weight when you’re only twenty, but to me they still mean a lot. This was the year when I followed my long-term dream and went to Africa to work [...]

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