Exam Week, Edinburgh & People Leaving

This week has been a busy one for me. Back to university Monday morning was… well, it was great to see everyone again, but getting out of bed was a bit hard. Then late night meeting with the FFG board, trying to get a step ahead and plan our activities for the rest of the year. That was fun too (plus we had the most delicious soup!). When I got back home I found myself not preparing for bed as I had initially planned, but instead firing up the computer and searching for Airbnb places in Edinburgh.

Long story short: During our time in Namibia, Me and Klara became especially close with four other girls that we spent the week out at the desert research station with. We had been thinking about a reunion for a while, but since everyone is busy with their studies or work – in addition to the fact that we live in different countries – it seemed almost impossible to arrange. At least so I thought.

First, we decided the where (Edinburgh, where one of them studies at university), then we decided the when (the last weekend in February), and suddenly it was happening! I bought the flight tickets for myself and Klara last week, so all we needed now was a place for the five of us to stay… It couldn’t be that hard, right? Well, maybe someone knew something we didn’t, but it was. Until someone had the genius idea to rent a flat for ourselves for the weekend. A couple of hours later, we had come up with a few suggestions, but by then my daily amount of needed sleep had already been diminished and Tuesday was laboratory day, so I went to bed.

A few too many untimely hours spent at university later, I got home, once again with my mind set on doing something else than what I ended up doing… The nagging feeling of an exam approaching that I hadn’t at all started to prepare for was there, but got pushed back by my curiosity to find out whether the others had found us an apartment yet. They had, and before the night was over, the place was booked and payed for.

So, it’s official: I’M GOING TO EDINBURGH! (I also managed a few hours of studying, I promise.)


Two days to go until my exam – the final exam of our Molecular Biology course – and two days until Friday 13th. Those where two loooong days, characterised by absolute focus. There was no other way that this could ever possibly work out. I still don’t know if it did of course, but like this (a few hours afterward) I feel okay about it. It was a difficult exam for sure. Most of the others thought it was the hardest one we’ve had. Mostly, I’m just glad that it’s over.

Since this was the last day of the course, it means that next week we start anew. (Next up: plant physiology!) It also means that some of the people I’ve got to know during these past months will leave. It has got me thinking how some people can enter your life and start to matter without you really noticing it, until they are about to disappear. Also, how different it is to get to know people. Some you can spend a few hours with and it can feel like you’ve known them for years. Others you can spend every day of the week with, but when you stop and think about it, you realise that you know nothing about them at all. Then there are those that you have known since forever, but who still can surprize you, showing sides of themselves that that you’d never expect them to have…

I’m really happy with the friends I’ve found at university so far: lovely people that will be stuck together (and with me) for at least one and a half years to come. Having been one of those who become part of a small group, but then is forced to leave because the course is at an end, I’ve come to cherish that part of belonging and remaining even more.

May our time together continue to be great and full of laughter (and perhaps just a little bit of studying)!