Sunday today (even though the weather could have fooled you). It started to snow on Thursday morning, continued all day, and by nightfall everything was covered in a beautiful layer of white. I regret that I didn’t take the chance to go outside properly yesterday when the sky was clear and the sun was out (filling up the bird feeder doesn’t really count). I should have taken my camera with me and postponed the work I ended up occupying myself with instead… inside, at my desk. Even though we had the exam on Friday (which felt really good btw!) we still have presentations both tomorrow and on Wednesday before this part of the course is done. At least the deadline for our lab report got deferred, giving us some much-needed time to breathe…


Alex's two adorable cats: Chili & Curry!

 Most of the day I spent by my computer, updating my LinkedIn profile that I created last week! Initially, I was just curious to see what it was all about (since you can’t really check it out before you’ve created an account), but I fell for its potential quite quickly. Even though I’m not in the market for another job – beside my full-time studies, I’m very happy with the one I have – I decided it could be worth some time to build a good, basic profile. It is another way to show people out there that you exist, who you are and what you do. A digital CV and a platform for future opportunities. One of the downsides, I suppose, is that almost none of my friends and very few people my age seem to be using LinkedIn. So, when you get started, it is very easy to feel dejected when you fail to find contacts straight away. But I still like it and am optimistic about its potential!

Next week used to be a holiday week, but not when you’re at university. Naturally, not everyone cares. Alex’s family are going skiing, so I will be taking care of their two cats! They are the so adorable, with their huge eyes and fur soft like silk. Both are really curious, but still quite shy.



I also realised that today it is exactly four months left until I’ll be back in Namibia! I can’t believe how fast the time has passed – soon it will be a year since I was there… So, in honour of the day, I sent in my documentation for the visa application! It felt great. Speaking of how time flies: in one weeks’ time, Klara will be home from her USA-New Zeeland travel. Which reminds me – Edinburgh is less than two weeks away! I can’t wait to see the others again and hear all about what they’ve been up to since last time we met…


The best gang ever! I'm so happy I got to meet all of you <3

This was us one year ago, remember?

See you soon! ♥